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How To Find Butterfly Hair Studio
HowTo Find Butterly Hair Studio

How To Find
Butterfly Hair Studio


It can be a little tricky knowing if you are in the right place the first time you come to me, but no worries!

Here is some more information to help you find my little home studio.

1. Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are early please take a seat outside and wait to be welcomed in.

2. The salon address is 6 Rowland st, Strathpine, located at the back of my home. Please follow the path down the left-hand side of the house, through the side gate (there is a sign on the fence) and locate the waiting area just outside the back door.

3. If you have not done so, please fill in my online consultation form before arrival. This will help me get a better understanding of your hair goals and ensures maximum time efficiency for us both on the day.

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What To Wear

I love to have fun with video and photography!

I am constantly taking pictures and sometimes videos, too (you can always opt-out if you're uncomfortable). 

I suggest wearing clothes you'd feel good being photographed in. Neutrals are preferred, though not required by any means. A good rule of thumb is if you are a blonde opt for darker colours, if a brunette opt for something lighter, the contrast helps your hair to stand out. You'll get a copy of the photos, too!

If you'd like to have fun with your makeup, feel free! But there's no pressure to look a certain way. Come as you are!

Dirty or Clean?


That's the question, right? Is dirty hair better for colouring, or should it be clean?

The answer is a most definite clean. Today's colours work best on freshly washed hair (no more than 2 days since last washed). 

Colour will adhere better and lift better without any oils or dirt to break through first! 

Please ensure your hair is clean and thoroughly dry before you arrive otherwise extra charges may be applied to cover the time it takes to wash and dry your hair before we start.

What To Wear & Dirty or Clean
Dirty Or Clean Hair?
Payment Methods
Get To Know Me

Accepted Payment Methods

Your credit card information is required- it will be safely collected & stored with Fresha when you request your appointment online or schedule in person or via email/text. Charges will only occur if CANCELLATION, RESCHEDULING or LATE ARRIVAL fees apply. (Please see Salon Policies)

If credit card information is not provided & you have not confirmed your appointment within 72 hours of making a booking, your services will be cancelled.

You may choose to pay with the card on file or a different card or I also accept cash or afterpay.


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Hey There,
     I'm Melissa

I love natural-looking, low-maintenance, touchable hair. My goals are to create the look that best suits you, that you are comfortable with the up-keep and you are able to style your hair at home.

I am told that I am a great listener, very approachable and down to earth. I'm great at suggesting new styles and can guide you towards your best look while maintaining your own identity and style. I want you to love what you see in the mirror and be confident enough to recreate it at home.

I can't wait to meet you and see how your hair journey unfolds.

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